MC Speckle Park 1086X


Speckle Park cattle are noted for tender, choice-grading beef of exceptional quality. The breed is winter hardy and forage efficient. The females produce rich milk in abundance, weaning strong calves well suited for beef development or grass raised beef programs.

McMurry Cattle has raised one excellent herd bull, MC SPECKLE PARK 1086X.

Hereford cross F1 females are coming into production and offspring from imported embryos are expected. Photos of the herd bull and some of his offspring are now posted on this website. The majority of the Hereford or Black Baldy F1 offspring feature the color pattern of the 1086X herd bull, with an occasional black calf. Birth weights have been 70 lb. to low 80 lb. range. All births have been unassisted.

Certified Semen is available on 1086X for US, Canada, Australia.


McMurry Cattle Fred, Doreen and Rebecca McMurry
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