Sept. 24, 2020
Mohican West Sale Facility, Laurel, MT

Videos of the sale offering available now.

We thank all of you for your continued interest and support.  Please join us for a great sale on Sept 24.
Fred and Doreen McMurry

MC 1180 X51 MS REVOLUTION 1623 -  43716796
Calf: MC 1623 1824 Classic 2089                  P44163329
Daughter of KCF BENNETT REVOLUTION X51 in her prime.  Flawless udder.  An attractive 05-03-2020 heifer calf, 2089, sired by MC R415 CEO RESOLUTE 1824ET, 43944584, sells with the cow.  BW 76#, unassisted. Homozygous Polled. Registration pending.
PE to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 44150958, from 06-23-2020
Pregnancy information on sale day.

MC  1285 33T MS NEWTREND 1665 ET - 43716321
A well balanced, attractive female sired by Loewen M326 Sir 33T, a sought after son of Loewen HVH Oksana 4L 333N
Bull calf, 2004, by SHF Daybreak Y02 D287 (43676330) born 1-23-2020.  BW 68#, unassisted. Homozygous Polled Registration Pending.
AI to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 41450958, on 04-23-2020
PE 05-11-2020 to 06-01-2020 to MC 1455 Outcross 1883, 43944704
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with 78 day pregnancy.  Safe to AI service.  Due 02-02-2021

MC 9004 2108 MISS IDAHO 1705 ET - 43817746
A powerful daughter of THM Avatar 2108 ET.  Dam, 9004, is a top Wooden Shoe Farm donor. Tremendous volume and a good mother cow.
Her heifer calf, 2087, by homozygous polled MC 257P 200Z Outcross 1644 (43725125), will make a valued addition to any herd.  Born 04-11-2020.  BW 82#, unassisted.  Sells with the cow.  Registration pending.
PE 05-11-2020 to 06-23-2020 to RVP 46A EXPRESS 6E, 43867445.
PE from 06-23-2020 to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 44150958
Pregnancy information available sale day.

MC 1705 1644 Classic 2087            P44163327
Homozygous Polled

MCS08 A260 PROFICIENT 1719 ET - 43817920
Calf: MC 1719 1830 Classic 2088               P44163328
A young female with great promise.  Her DR World Class 517 (41000194) donor dam, SO8, is a consistent producer.  Maternal sisters have added capacity and beautiful udders. The heifer calf, 2088, born 04-19-2020 is developing nicely.  There are some great females behind her sire, MC 33N B261 SUMMIT 1830ET, 43952807, and there is calving ease.  BW 77#, unassisted. Homozygous Polled. Registration pending.
Heifer calf sells with her mother.
PE 05-11-2020 to 06-10-2020 to RVP 46A EXPRESS 6E, 43867445
PE from 06-11-2020 to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 44150958
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with 36 day pregnancy.  Due approximately March 22

MC 751 10B PRAIRIE STAR 1745 - 43810358
Dam, 751, came from a great Lloyd Brown cow owned with Wooden Shoe Farm.  Daughters of GHC Breakthrough 10B have worked well for us.  The mating with MC 200Z MARVEL 1927 ET, 44046007, introduces some of HAROLDSON’S best females while adding dimension and full pigment.
Bull calf, 2050, sired by MC 257P 200Z OUTCROSS 1644ET, 43725125
BW 79#, unassisted. Registration is pending.  Reserved.
PE 05-05-2020 TO 06-10-2020 to MC 200Z MARVEL 1927 ET, 44046007, safe to 1927
PE FROM 06-11-2020 to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 44150958
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with 54 day pregnancy.  Estimated due date March 22, 2021

Square-D Lucie 757E - 43873521
A predictable young female.  Lots of pigment.  Sired by a Durango son from NJW that has bred well in Canada.  Super Duty 42S and Wilgor Noreastern 0L 2N appear in dam’s pedigree.  These are proven genetics.  Her first calf weighed 72#, unassisted.  Bull calf 2021, by NJW ENDURE 173D, 43722088, is offered. Born 01-31-2020.  BW 92#, unassisted.  Calving ease and fertility here.  Bull calf is dark red, short marked and fully pigmented.  Registration is pending.
AI 04-23-2020 to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 44150958
PE 05-11-2020 to 06-01-2020 to MC 1455 Outcross 1883, 43944704
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with an 82 day pregnancy.  Safe to AI.  Due 02-02-2021.

MC 757E D173 Endure 2021          P44166706
Homozygous Polled

MC 1162 4051 TARGET 1817 - 43944518, MSUDF
A productive two year old.  Her dam traces to MC RANGER 9615 and SHF INTERSTATE D03 J119, dam of KJ C&L J119 LOGIC 023Z ET.
Heifer calf, 2002, by NJW LONG HAUL 36E, 43829326.  Born 01-20-2020. BW 59#, unassisted. She will make a top replacement.  Registration pending.
AI  04-23-2020 to KR QR ENDURE 18072, 44006046
PE 05-11-2020 to 06-10-2020 to RVP 46A EXPRESS 6E, 43867445
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with 56 day pregnancy due late February 2021 to the pasture service.

MC 1817 36E Gloria 2002              P44166708

MC 1623 001A PINACLE 1823 - 43944583
A Gerber Anodyne 001A two year old, making a strong start as a brood cow. Added value here. This is an easy keeping cow family with strong EPD balance.
 She is nursing a F Final Test 722 {43782451} bull calf, 2018, born 01-31-2020.   BW 87 #, unassisted.  Registration pending.  Reserved.
AI   04-24-2020 to EF BEEF BR VALIDATED B413, 43558667
PE   05-11-2020 to 06-01-2020 to MC 1455 OUTCROSS 1883, 43944704.
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with a 64 day pregnancy due approximately Feb 21, 2021.  Safe to PE

MC 1823 722 Tested 2018               P44166732
Heterozygous Polled

MC 1664 50U OKSANA 1841 - 43924299
This two year old Loewen Uptown 33N 50U ET daughter has an ideal udder. She is a strong first calf matron.  There are two excellent producing maternal grandams and sire 50U is highly proven.  The MC 1018 cow is still producing for us at age 10 years and has an exceptional udder.
The NJW LONG HAUL 36E  {43829326} heifer calf, 2005, born 01-26-2020 will fit any program’s replacements.  BW 67#, unassisted.   Registration pending.
AI  04-23-2020 to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 44150958
PE 05-11-2020 to 06-23-2020 to RVP 46A EXPRESS 6E, 43867445
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with an 82 day pregnancy due 02-02-2020.  Safe to AI

MC 1841 36E Lady 2005                P44166709
Heterozygous Polled

MC B11 1489 ROBERTA 1865 - 43944695
Daughter Becky’s favorite two year old.  Front pasture profile.  Great Disposition.  Great fertility.
Heifer calf, 2028, by CHEZ DANTE 635D ET, 43741272.  Born 02-02-2020, BW 70#, unassisted.  She is short marked and shares her mother’s disposition.  Registration pending.
AI  04-24-2020 to Square-D 42S Progress 323Y, 44150958.
PE 05-11-2020 TO 06-23-2020 to RVP 46A EXPRESS 6E, 43867445
Pregnancy checked 07-16-2020 with an 80 day pregnancy.
Safe to AI service.  Due 02-03-2020

MC 1865 625E Rita 2028                       P44166707
Homozygous Polled

Square-D 42S Progress 323Y - 44150958
Service sire of some cows

We attended the Wascana dispersal and were struck by the athletic quality and soundness of this nine year old proven sire.  He is a Super Duty 42S son with average BW after multiple calf crops.  His disposition is wonderful and he is an effective pasture sire.  He simply defies his age.  Semen quality is excellent.  He is moderate in size and will maintain good condition.  He is well marked with good pigment.  His daughters were mainstay females in the Wascana herd.  We anticipate added volume, good structure, added fertility, strong maternal qualities, added capacity and more.  Certainly no bull is perfect, but we think this sire will do many things right while maintaining reasonable BW and calving ease.  Owned with NJW.
Homozygous polled.

RVO 46A EXPRESS 6E - P43867445
Service sire of some cows

A conservatively marked, high libido RVP 9050 Architect 46A son that has been breeding very well for us.
His calves perform well after very safe calving and with smaller birth weights.  Birth EPD is minus 1.6.  Calves have been vigorous. They have eye appeal.  His structure is very sound.  An excellent pasture bull.  He does not miss.  We anticipate daughters that will be role model females.

MC 200Z MARVEL 1927 ET - 44046007
We produced this bull from an embryo purchase.  He outperformed our best  bull calves this year and will mature as a strong pasture bull.  He is conservatively marked with 100% pigment in both eyes.  Donor dam Haroldson’s HLV Marvel 48Y 12B, a daughter of Haroldson’s WLC Rhino 48Y, has produced well.  Sire Totem is a Churchill Red Bull 200Z son that has been used heavily in Canada.  He pastured with some of our top producing older cows.

MC 257P 200Z OUTCROSS 1644 ET - 43725125
Homozygous polled son of an ET mating of Square-D Jaeden 257P to Churchill Red Bull 200Z.
This bull is very sound.   Disposition is very even.  He maintains good condition. He stays with his cows and gets them bred. His calves are among our best.  Birth weights are below average. Calving ease is excellent.
He pastured with our heifers this year.
His mother has a great production record and maintained top udder quality as a producing 15 year old.
His sire has produced very well.


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